The Following Classes took place at
Slavic U III... I am posting links to our
teachers and some of their work and/or
Class Handouts!
Note Links in are in red!
              Class                                                        Teacher
Kievan History                                                                          Posadnitsa Sfandra Dmitrieva Chernigova   
                                                                                                      ---    East Kingdom ---
 Posadnitsa Sfandra Dmitrieva Chernigova
(Ukranian Beaded Netting)                                                                    ---    East Kingdom ---
Folks may bring their own beads and needles
...teacher will have supplies ($2)  for fifteen on hand!

"Lithuania: The Biggest Medieval                                                                            
Patricia of Trakai
Country Of Which You May Not Have Heard"                                                            ---  Atlantia  ---

History and Development of Russian  Icons   (2 Hrs)                                          Pani Magdalena Gdanska
                                                                                                                     --- East Kingdom ---

Period Russian                                                                                              
Paul Wickenden of Thanet
Basically learning how to read, write,                                                                      --- Northshield ---
and speak some basic 14th century Russian

Russian Naming       2 HR                                                                              
Paul Wickenden of Thane
My main site
This will be an depth class on Russian names by the  
man who has written SCA' S accepted Russian naming
Polish Hussar Armour

This class will share techniques to make the armour
needed to portray a 1570-1680’s-era Polish Hussar in
the SCA, with list-legal armour. Handout & armour
display provided.  Class time: 1 hour.

How to make a Żupan

This will instruct participants on how to make their own
patterns for this iconic Polish garment. Included will be a
brief history of the garment, cultural placement in period
painting, as well as fabric choices. Class time: 1 hour.
Pan Zygmunt Nadratowski     
 ---  Middle Kingdom ---
--- Northshield ---
Master Mordaks Russian Garb Class
Master Mordak
---Middle Kingdom ---
Master Mordak
---Middle Kingdom ---
Master Mordaks Making Cloth Shoes
A demonstration of how to make the shoes will actually
be done in the class.
Paul's Russian Name Dictionary
Pan Zygmunt Nadratowski     
 ---  Middle Kingdom ---
click here    for the Zupan instructions.
See Sca Costume Resource
Part 4
Notes from 1st Slavic U can be
accessed by clicking here
Scroll down to the start of
pictures from the garb class.
There are a couple of pages
some with close up of details !
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Lithuanian Class Notes
Notes for both of Sfandras classes are linked here !
Gerdany Pictures
Class Hand Out
Master Mordaks Laurel Page