Baron Bardulf Rauen is a noted portrait photographer out of
Atlantia who has agreed to make his services available to us for
this event. His photography is his A&S project and a formidable
one it is. While you are here please take advantage of his kind
offer and get a great picture of yourself in your spiffiest
Russ/Slavic garb!

The way it works is when you arrive at the event you put your
name on his sign up list. Then when it is your time slot he will
take your snail mail address/ email address and your pic. The
pictures are all done electronically and after he gets home he will
separate yours from the rest and send them along to you.  ....
yes, for FREE !!!

He takes pictures where ever he travels in the Knowne World
and would love to take yours.

Here are links to some of his work!
Border Vale Keep
all these portraits were done
by him
(including our own Lady Bera )
more of his work!
My main site